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Advance Card

Bhavesh Jadav

4.3 (47)

Advance card visual with more options than default card visual available in Power BI

Advance card custom visual is based on default card visual present in Power BI. While having similar functionality as default card visual, it provides additional useful functionality such as adding labels to start and end, conditional formatting, tooltip support and more.

Features of Advance Card Visual:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Conditional formatting based on other measure
  • Prefix and postfix support
  • Align content to either left, right or center
  • Tooltip support
  • Background image support
  • Stroke or border manipulation

Check support URL on left side or below wiki link for more info.

For documentation visit: http://bit.ly/AdvanceCardWiki

For sample report visit: http://bit.ly/AdvanceCardSampleReport

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