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Advanced Combo Visual (Full Edition)


5.0 (1)

Build unique visualizations by combining column, line and area all in one chart

Use the Advanced Combo Visual to build information-rich reports for categorical data. Combine multiple chart types and apply rich customization options for each series to build truly exceptional data visualizations. Advanced Visuals’ interactive drilldowns and on-chart interactions will save valuable screen space and make data exploration fun.

Feature Highlights:

  • Multiple chart types – choose between column, line and area chart for each series
  • Stacking and clustering – stack or cluster series
  • Customizable values for stacked series – chose between series specific or cumulative(total) values
  • Static and dynamic thresholds – set up to 3 thresholds to demonstrate targets or KPIs
  • Full customization – customize X and Y axes, legends, stacks, tooltip, fill settings, outlines
  • Custom theme support – customize visual to fit the corporate style of your organization
  • Optimized screen space – combine up to 12 data series
  • On-chart interactions –pan and click to explore data up to 12 drill-down levels
  • Cross-filtering - use combo visual to filter the rest of the dashboard
  • Cross-chart filtering –select data points on multiple charts instead of using slicers
  • Filter control – choose to have the visual function as a filter
  • Bookmark support – save report view configurations
  • Drillthrough support – examine your data in detail

Use Cases

Advanced Combo Visual offers vast possibilities to compare data by category. Potential applications are:

  • Sales & Marketing –sales strategies, sales results and campaign-by-campaign marketing metrics
  • Human Resources –hiring, sick days, overtimes and efficiency ratios by department or office
  • Accounting and Finance –financial performance by region, office or business line
  • Manufacturing –production efficiencies and quality metrics by product line

GET THE LATEST VERSION: https://advancedvisuals.bi/get_combo

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