PAFnow Process Mining

Process Analytics Factory GmbH

A powerful visual to analyze your business processes based on event data

With PAFnow Process Mining you can:

  • Explore process variants, identify bottlenecks, discover root-causes, and much more.
  • Dive deep into data with complete cross-filtering and color highlights.
  • Test drive the PAFnow Process Mining visual to accelerate your projects.

Process Mining is the art of turning data into meaningful models of real as-is-processes. With only a few mouse-clicks, Process Mining can uncover hidden information about the processes and generate new insights.

Process Mining made easy:

Process Mining is based on event data. This can be any data that has a distinct time connected to it, so that one can determine when something has happened. This is essential to model causality.

Secondly, it must be defined what has happened. In most cases this is trivial, because the software saves the data accordingly.

In the last step multiple events are combined into coherent business cases. All that is needed is a connection between the events. This can be, for instance, an invoice number, which connects all events in which this invoice is handled.

When contemplating Process Mining, you should ask yourself four simple questions:

  • Are the events of my process saved somewhere?
  • Is a time connected to these events?
  • Can I connect multiple events to form coherent cases?
  • Are cases comparable, that is, do all cases represent the same process?

If you can answer all those questions with yes – and most people can – you are good to go.

The classic data format for Process Mining is an event log. An event log holds exactly the three types of information mentioned above. You need a Case ID to uniquely identify cases, an Activity Name describing what has happened, and, finally, a Timestamp to denote when something has happened. If you provide an event log including these necessary fields, you can start with PAFnow Process Mining right away.

Unleash the power of Process Mining and get n-times better today.

New Features in 2019.2:

  • Access advanced features such as minimap, variant indicator and filter preview.
  • Calculate process duration using the End-Timestamp.
  • Group your process flow and use the new layout options.
  • Conformance Check and Breadcrumb preview.
  • Improved design and performance based on customer feedback.

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