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Drill Down Combo Bar PRO by ZoomCharts


5.0 (1)

Combine bar with line and area in any combination. Touch driven slicer and drill down.

ZoomCharts drill down visuals help business users explore data easily and productively. Drill Down Combo PRO visual’s key advantages: touch driven slicer and drill down; combine bar with line and area; add dynamic thresholds; apply rich customization options for each series to build truly exceptional data visualizations; zoom-out to see overview & zoom-in to reveal details.

Key features:

  • Touch-driven slicer - filter the report page by using the visual itself (no need for external slicers)
  • Combine Bar with Line and Area in any combination
  • Stacks and clusters can be configured dynamically
  • Multiple X-Axes to separate values with scale differences
  • Rich customization options – customize increasing, decreasing, and totals series separately (colors, outlines, column widths, connectors, value labels and more)
  • Static and dynamic thresholds – set up to 4 thresholds to demonstrate targets or benchmarks
  • On-chart interactions - zoom, click and drag or drill down to explore and filter data
  • Filter control – designate the visual to act as a filter
  • Bookmark support – save report view configurations
  • Drill-through support – examine your data in detail
  • Custom theme support - unify the style of your reports with corporate theme
  • Mobile friendly – use on touch and multi-touch devices

Use Cases:

Drill Down Combo PRO Visual offers vast possibilities to compare data by category. Potential applications are:

  • Sales & Marketing – sales strategies, sales results and campaign-by-campaign marketing metrics
  • Human Resources – hiring, sick days, overtimes and efficiency ratios by department or office
  • Accounting and Finance – financial performance by region, office or business line
  • Manufacturing –production efficiencies and quality metrics by product line

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