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The research factory is a free professional tool for investigation, network investigation, face-to-face interview and research training, which can be directly obtained and used by users;

He has accumulated rich experience in public service, tourism, media and marketing, energy and power, urban management and other industries, and has been serving government projects including the creation of civilized city, waste classification, river treatment, etc. at the same time, he has carried out in-depth cooperation services for China Consumer Association, China Travel service group, CCTV video client, etc.

It can provide research and consultation, network survey, third-party evaluation, media communication, big data mining, it system development, education and training services. It provides free tool services and data collection services such as customer public opinion, product research, competitive product survey, industry demand survey and market trend insight for all walks of life. It has its own million sample library online, and its offline execution team can cover the whole country. It supports sinking into the third and fourth tier cities and towns, and the University channel can reach 1000 + universities and 10000 + university community groups nationwide.

At the same time, it provides free research tool services for colleges and universities throughout the country, helping colleges and universities to carry out teaching quality inspection, academic research, examination evaluation, employment investigation and other activities; College Students' papers, research projects, academic reports, etc., task Plaza free release of questionnaires, online collection of sample data, etc.

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