Platform as a Service (PaaS - API/SDK)

oleh Inc

Integrate mirro EI-AI platform into your custom application. platform offers an API/SDK that can monitor 100% of your calls to ensure quality and compliance. Our enterprise-grade AI platform enables custom applications with the ability to access customer non-verbal cues to better understand their experiences.

The API processing is quick, cost-effective, and enables system integrator team to easily integrate into custom apps. The results include key indicators such as stress, fatigue, engagement, rapport, and more to provide the metrics you need. You can also use our reports to measure progress with training and coaching tips. platform helps system integrators enhance customer experience and team's productivity.

Integration of mirro platform enables -

  • never miss any emotional key moment in your (live or recorded) media.
  • Plug-In-Play control to navigate insights and coaching to address your KPIs.
  • live and recorded analysis and coaching supported.

mirro PaaS – API/SDK offers -

  • sample code examples
  • results as emojis, flags, tips
  • range of KPI to implement - customer satisfaction, call engagement, performance score and more
  • language and culture agnostic
  • documentation / ongoing support