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Learn how to enhance the employee experience and promote a growth-enabled culture with Beezy

CONNECT THE DOTS - The value of the Beezy lies in our ability to take a diverse and complex set of Microsoft collaboration and communication capabilities and to deliver them in one unifying and comprehensive user experience. We enable our customers to dramatically reduce information silos, consolidate business tools, and get everyone operating on the same page!

ON ANY DEVICE - The Beezy user experience has been designed following the mobile-first paradigm. Beezy offers an enhanced mobile app, available for iOS and Android, making it possible to get work done in real-time, regardless of geography and device.

BEEZY NEWSFEED - Your personal window into recent activities across the organization. Beezy helps to scale conversations to the broader business, curates and organizes content, and creates a social platform for employee engagement. Files from the Office 365 suite can easily be shared with people in the Digital Workplace, and with people outside the platform as well.

BEEZY PAGES - Turn SharePoint publishing capabilities into a modern tag-based CMS with built-in social and collaboration capabilities. It works as a “corporate Wikipedia”, providing a dynamic place for knowledge management, documenting a project, searching for content, collaborative information growth, links to related data and much more. Content creation rights can be centrally managed or distributed to specific groups of people such as a departments or locations.

MICROSOFT TEAMS APP - The Beezy Bot add-in for Teams connects the people, content, and tools your employees needs to be more engaged and effective