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Coronavirus Policy Implementation and Risk Management

CoronaPass is a new app to support policy implementation and manage risk based on health data

CoronaPass will enable people and organizations around the globe to resume normal life before a vaccine for COVID-19 is found.

Until a vaccine is created, approved and administered at a scale the world has never seen, the resumption of social and economic activity will be dependent on our ability to effectively manage health status and risk related to COVID-19. 

Introducing CoronaPass

With CoronaPass organizations can create different types of passes demonstrating that an individual is free to leave home or enter a building for example. The criteria for pass types is set by the organization implementing the CoronaPass solution.

One example of the solution is to allow users to apply for a pass through the validation of antigen/antibody test results. Following the test and approvals, they receive a CoronaPass QR code that can be stored on mobile devices (similar to downloading a boarding pass) and presented for validation when necessary. 

The solution can be implemented in a matter of days. It is scalable, robust and secure – based on Bizagi’s market leading intelligent process automation platform.

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