SmartViz | Workplace Analytics

Buro Happold Ltd.

Maximize property performance in terms of space, people, facilities, assets, energy, carbon & costs

This solution helps property, estate, facility and operations managers to get real-time insights into their buildings and how occupants use them, so they can improve space efficiency, reduce operations and energy costs, and improve occupant wellbeing and productivity at workplace.

Property owners and operators deal with multiple silo’ed systems with limited insights into the complex interactions with occupant behavior, building performance, and operational costs. SmartViz combines property information with data from smart sensors, BMS systems, IoT devices, room & desk booking, smart meters, environment controls, and occupant interactions into a single source of truth – to facilitate an integrated management of space, people, facilities, assets, energy, carbon and costs. It presents actionable insights using advanced 2D/3D visualizations and KPI overlays for the entire portfolio of buildings down to an individual floor and space. The solution also includes a “day in life” simulation engine allowing operators to test “what if” scenarios involving people and spaces (e.g. more/fewer people, reduced/increased/reorganized spaces, changing working patterns, etc.) and present them as live 3D animations, helping teams collaboratively plan for different scenarios.

Beyond property operations, this solution allows operators to better model and enhance interactions between people and spaces, enhancing wellbeing and productivity. Together, these features allow building owners to get more value out of both their spaces and people.