Atlas, the People-First Digital Workspace for M365


Atlas, the People-First Digital Workspace for Teams, Office 365, SharePoint Online and Yammer

ClearPeople's Atlas is a people-first digital workspace solution that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 tools like Teams, SharePoint and Yammer.

Knowledge, communication and collaboration are beautifully brought together, whether you are in Teams or in SharePoint, enabling people to find and share information, accelerate the adoption of new processes and vastly increases employee collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Atlas and Inclusivity
When we created Atlas we wanted our platform to do more than just help people with communication, knowledge and collaboration. We wanted to build a platform that promotes inclusivity.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their role, location or abilities should be equipped with the right tools and information so that they can be successful at work. Importantly, our goal with Atlas is to deliver this in an intuitive and consistent way, allowing everyone to work efficiently, irrespective of their technical ability.

We have made inclusivity one of the key components of our Atlas vision, driven by our passion for inclusivity and experience with accessible digital solutions.

Atlas Key Features

Atlas Add It

With Atlas, gone are the days of outdated content where only a few people could contribute to your intranet and knowledge areas. More users can add content across different areas without any technical knowledge. This is our contribution to digital meritocracy and our "Add It" feature does exactly that – it enables simple contribution for everyone with an intuitive step-by-step wizard.

Atlas Group Explorer

This powerful tool is your launchpad to all your collaboration groups and therefore gives you visibility of what groups you belong to and which ones you can join. This drives inclusiveness across all collaboration areas especially for those who don't collaborate daily within the digital workspace.

Atlas Connect

Saving the best for last, put simply Atlas Connect is an extremely powerful governance and provisioning tool for business users. It lets a non-technical user create Teams, Sites and Workspaces with the right permissions and structure within minutes and all within the intuitive Atlas experience. It’s a game-changer by removing barriers for business users to effectively and flexibly create comms, collaboration and knowledge areas.