DM REVOLVE - Dynamics Data Migration

oleh Dynamics Data Practice Pty Ltd (DDPTech

Dedicated Azure Cloud-based SaaS full end-to-end Dynamics data migration solution.

DM REVOLVE is a world first, dedicated Azure Cloud-based SaaS, Dynamics end-to-end data migration solution. This solution incorporates ‘Dyn-O-Matic’, our specialized Microsoft Dynamics completely-automated load adaptor.  Utilising the latest in Microsoft’s SQL server database technology, this revolutionary framework provides clients with a fully repeatable, scalable and predictable data migration solution. 

DM REVOLVE incorporates a full set of individual data migration tools including:

  •  End-to-end data migration workflow engine
  •  Central security engine to manage data protection of customer data (TAP)
  •  Data extraction engine
  •  Translation matrices interactive interface (TOM)
  •  Data quality, reconciliation and verification reporting interface (ROM)
  •  Rapid load file generator (FOG)
  •  Fully integrated automated Dynamics Load Adaptor (DOM)

DM REVOLVE allows for rapid deployment within an Azure Cloud environment with easily adjustable, pre-configured Microsoft Dynamics data objects, designed and created to fit a client’s specific data migration requirements. 

This offering is unique in its ability to re-use its catalogued, end-to-end pre-built data migration transformations, reducing the effort and risk involved in the building of a data migration solution from scratch. This solution has been specifically designed to encourage the full involvement and participation of business data owners. This allows the data owners to retain control of their own data migration in an easy to understand and informative way.

Dynamics Data Practice (DDPTech) is uniquely positioned within the niche market of data migration services, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics implementations. Offering a team of highly specialised data migration experts, our methodology and DM REVOLVE framework, we possess the capability to guide and execute the full data migration implementation from start to finish.

The DM REVOLVE Azure SaaS offering is a quickly deployable, secure single tenancy data migration solution. Our framework securely interfaces with the client’s own network environment, eliminating the need for expensive on-site infrastructure and set-up costs. Once connected, this solution provides a real-time, fully automated, data migration end-to-end solution.