eShare Secure Data Collaboration Platform

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Secure File Sharing, Data Rooms & Content Collaboration Optimized for M365

Unleash the Collaboration Power of M365

eShare seamlessly integrates with M365, unlocking enhanced, secure, and branded file sharing, data rooms, and content collaboration with external entities like clients, partners, and suppliers.

M365 stands out as the preferred workflow and collaboration suite for numerous organizations. However, when it comes to external file sharing, many companies turn to disjointed, external solutions. eShare is the bridge that integrates these operations directly into M365. This not only boosts collaboration efficiency but also trims IT overheads uplifting client satisfaction. But there’s more – eShare champions digital transformation, allowing for the confident, harmonious sharing of crucial sensitive data with external parties.

Key eShare benefits:

  • True M365 Synergy: eShare utilizes M365 Purview sensitivity labels and M365 DLP sensitive information types. Shared content is thus always in line with organizational data governance and compliance mandates. Moreover, inherent M365 functions, like document retention, remain active, preserving the enterprise’s control and security stance.
  • Unaltered Data Sovereignty: With eShare, files stay within the enterprise’s M365 environment. This means no data migrations to external clouds, ensuring document provenance, reducing replication, and enhancing security.
  • Link-Based Collaboration: Sharing files as links, including email attachments, with online review and co-authoring with Office Online, eliminates recipient downloads. This improves collaboration productivity and keeps your data secure within your cloud storage.
  • Branded Collaboration: eShare ensures your brand’s visibility is paramount. Your organization’s branding remains consistent, preventing link blocking, especially when dealing with stringent regulatory sectors.
  • Precision Controls: With features like “edit without download”, electronic signatures and dynamic watermarking, eShare provides a nuanced command over how shared content is accessed and manipulated.
  • Robust API Integration: Our versatile API promotes electronic dispatch, accumulation, and validation of files, using the solid foundations of OneDrive and SharePoint Online for storage.

Take your M365-driven collaboration to new heights, only with eShare.