EY Sustainability Certificate Management Solution

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Powered by Microsoft Power Platform

Solution overview:

Powered by Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure, the EY Sustainability Certificate Management Solution helps organizations create and manage a ledger of certificates, providing traceability throughout their value chain. The solution streamlines how organizations manage their circular supply chain, facilitating better, faster and more accurate responses to help with the selling of bio-certified materials

Solution benefits:

•Automated certificate generation - The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) based solution allows organizations to move from a manual process for maintaining a ledger of certificates throughout the value chain, to an automated process.
•Increased sales expected from circular economy products - Most organizations have aggressive sales targets for certified polymers by 2030. Certificate digitization and tracking is fundamental to facilitating this change and managing scale.
•Fundamental to obtaining regulatory certification – The solution is fundamental to digitizing and generating data necessary for certification by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) and for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations. Eliminating this manual process reduces risk in reporting that could have a negative impact on the certification process and sales.

•Increased trust with suppliers and customers - Automation of mass balance certificates helps organizations to accurately verify the chemical composition, type and source of products purchased by brand owners and helps them charge a premium for these products.