Community-based Wellness Platform For Companies

oleh Motko

B2B community-based wellness platform elevating employee’s engagement, health levels and retention.

The future of a healthy, happy and engaged workplace

Solution Overview
People are a company’s main asset. Hybrid work environment and working from home has weakened corporate culture and social bonds that unite people in a company space. Not only do the interactions and relationships at work shape our work experience, they have a profound impact on our well-being and happiness. Evidence shows that workplace is a powerful platform to support and enhance people's habits. Well-designed programs not only help employees adopt healthier habits at work, the impact transfers to people's holistic lifestyle. Healthier employees are more productive, incur lower healthcare costs and are less absent. Moreover, research shows that companies that promote a culture of health, safety, and wellbeing outperform in the marketplace.

Motko's® community- based wellness platform for corporations elevates employee’s engagement, health levels and retention. The solution creates opportunities for people to connect with each other through sports and well-being - whether they are in the office or working remotely-, strengthening social cohesion and engagement. The platform increases awareness on various health and well-being topics in a light, non-judgmental way that fosters solutions and promotes the culture of health and well-being. Don't we all want to have a good day?

Solution Benefits

The solution is designed for organisations of any size - from a couple of people company to large multinationals. At Motko we believe there is always an opportunity to foster better health and stronger community within the organisation. Our platform will:

  • Promote a culture of health, well-being and inclusion,
  • Provide employees with resources and knowledge that will fuel their best,
  • Build a healthier and happier workforce,
  • Lower your organisation's healthcare costs,
  • Decrease employees' absence and turnover,
  • Increase social cohesion and engagement in the organisation,
  • Support your social sustainability strategy.

For organisations with diverse and holistic in-house well-being resources, such as, gym, GP, physio, therapist, our platform will activate the existing benefits, increasing their utilisation and ROI.