Privacera Platform, powered by Apache Ranger

Global Tenet, Inc dba Privacera

Data Access Governance Solution: Ensure your cloud data is trusted, secured, and compliant

UPDATE: As we continue to navigate COVID-19, data privacy and security is more important than ever. Register for a free Privacera Platform on Azure trial by clicking on the “Get it Now” button.

Privacera understands cloud data teams have a difficult challenge: to make data accessible across their enterprises for sharing, collaboration, and analytics, while also ensuring data stays compliant with industry and privacy regulations. Privacera balances this challenge by offering a completely automated, centralized solution that easily integrates and supports the Azure infrastructure stack - including ADLS, PowerBI, Cosmos, Synapse, and Azure Databricks- as well as all major cloud service providers. Privacera discovers and classifies sensitive data, applies fine-grained access control policies, protects data with dynamic encryption, masking, and anonymization, and enables complete visibility of data usage with rich auditing and reporting-- all from a centralized location.


  • Secure data sharing across all business units with fine-grained access controls down to file-, row-, and column-levels

  • Seamless integration with no performance impact

  • Reduced manual burdens on data teams with a centralized location to enforce consistent controls across Azure cloud services, including including ADLS, PowerBI, Cosmos, Synapse, and Azure Databricks

  • Full transparency of data access and usage 

  • Trusted compliance with privacy and industry regulations like GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, HIPAA, and more

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