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Auto Machine Learning IA Modelling

ModelCraft™ has intuitive components for data processing, advanced analytics model development and interpretability. It allows users to connect to any data repository and to generate modelling workflows in a visual manner and without the need for programming.
ModelCraft™ thus responds to industry needs such as:
      • Incorporating advanced machine learning algorithms into the modelling process in a simple and intuitive way, such as gradient boosting, elastic nets, ensemble models, random forests, support vector machines or neural  networks, among others.
      • Industrializing and accelerating the modelling process, reusing codes and reducing the time spent on routing and repetitive tasks.
      • Facilitating access to advanced modelling techniques for non-specialist teams.
      • Improving the performance, traceability and comparability of models.
      • Enabling model interpretability and automating model documentation.
      • In short, improving the model development and validation processes, and enabling the creation of advanced challenger models.
In addition, ModelCraft™ has been developed in the cloud and natively uses auto-scalability and parallel computing capabilities. 
Thanks to this, ModelCraft™ tool accelerates the transition to component-based modelling, which is more efficient, more interpretable, more accessible and lowers model risk.