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Sistema de Gestión Documental

DocuKlaud is an advanced document management solution designed to empower organizations in optimizing their document classification, review, approval, and signing processes through flexible and efficient workflows. With a robust set of features, DocuKlaud offers a comprehensive document management experience, including:

  1. Custom Workflows: DocuKlaud provides the ability to design custom approval workflows. You can define specific stages and determine whether approval is required from all participants at each stage or only from the first approver or rejector.

  2. Electronic Signature: You can now integrate a signature stage into your workflows. This stage allows participation from both internal and external users to your organization.

  3. Document Templates: You can create documents from predefined templates. These templates are automatically filled with the information you enter in the form when uploading a document.

  4. Advanced Version Control: Customize your own version naming, allowing you to keep a clear and organized track of your document iterations.

  5. Document Coding: All documents will be automatically assigned a code, which will be based on the hierarchical configuration of the folders.

  6. Detailed Document History: Access a complete history detailing previous workflows and the actors involved in each stage of document review, providing a transparent view of the entire process.

  7. Expiration Management: Get a panoramic view of documents that are nearing their expiration or have already expired, helping you maintain effective control and take timely action.

  8. Transmittals: DocuKlaud facilitates formal tracking of document delivery to your stakeholders, ensuring that communication is smooth and well-documented.

  9. Flexible Permission System: Implement a highly adaptable permission system, allowing you to set specific authorizations for your main folders and maintain rigorous control over access to information.

  10. DocuKlaudGPT: This feature uses artificial intelligence to allow users to ask questions and get answers about the content of a document. Supported documents for this feature are: docx, pdf (with searchable text), csv, and txt.

  11. Custom Fields: Incorporate necessary custom tags and fields for document classification, adapting them to your specific requirements.

  12. Batch Upload: Mass tag your documents and submit them for approval workflows.

  13. Customize Your Corporate Identity: Configure your company's logo and colors to have the platform match your brand's image.

  14. Optical Character Recognition (OCR): You can now convert scanned pdf documents that are not searchable into searchable documents. This facilitates information search and allows you to use DocuKlaud GPT to ask questions about the document.

In summary, DocuKlaud is a comprehensive solution that drives operational efficiency by providing cutting-edge tools for document management in business environments. With its advanced features and focus on customization, DocuKlaud becomes a valuable ally for any organization looking to significantly improve its document management.

Installation and Configuration

If you need help with the installation process, we can assist you for free. Request a session at


DocuKlaud can be installed as a SharePoint Page, SharePoint WebPart, or Teams Tab.

Where are the documents and data hosted?

All information is hosted in lists and libraries of your organization's SharePoint site, including the questions and answers asked to DocuKlaudGPT.

Free 14-day Subscription

Upon installing DocuKlaud, a free 14-day subscription is enabled. If you are interested in a commercial version, you can contact us at

Supported Languages

The application currently supports the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • English