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The industrial augmented reality solution empowering frontline and field workers to achieve a new di

Built for the Microsoft HoloLens, RemoteSpark is a mixed and augmented reality industrial worker support tool that empowers field-service workers and technicians to achieve more by connecting them to the expert resources they need, when they need it. Discover how RemoteSpark can augment your workforce.

Remote assistance, a better way to support your field and service workers. When a worker needs assistance performing maintenance, a repair, or an inspection, accelerate troubleshooting by providing them with live voice & video guidance from subject matter experts that can be located anywhere in the world. Experts can drag and drop 3D, IoT-enabled holograms and files into the support call and make live annotations. All of which appears the HoloLens wearer’s field of view.

Security, military-grade security during transmission and at rest.Built to meet the highest standards of industrial and defence security, all voice and video communications are fully encrypted, end-to-end. For increased security, on-premise cloud computing options are available. All files shared with remote workers can have a security lifecycle defined to protect each party’s IP.

Reliability, the industry’s most-trusted industrial AR solution. RemoteSpark boasts the lowest bandwidth requirements of any augmented reality communications platform on the market. Ideal for remote locations, a minimum of only 256K is required to operate voice & video calls, including 3D holograms, and IoT integrations. RemoteSpark also leverages geo-replicated data centres to allow optimal speed, regardless of a user’s location.

Extend Your IoT Investment to Your Field Workers RemoteSpark can integrate your organization's live-sensor data and render it on a hologram to inform your field workers of key metrics in real-time. Make complex data meaningful and immediately actionable in the hands of your workers.

Send Support Content Quickly and Intuitively Experts can drag and drop in relevant content, including MS Office documents, that convert to 3D content in the worker's field of view. Convert CAD files into 3D holograms. 3D support content has been proven to reduce a worker’s mental task load and improve learning retention and task comprehension.

Artificial Intelligence for Improved Content Delivery Leverage Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects and equipment. After recognizing an object, RemoteSpark can import relevant data, documents, and support content into a support call or during solo use.

Connect to Existing Systems and Software RemoteSpark can integrate with any enterprise systems and software to deliver the entire Runs on HoloLens, Surface Hub and Windows 10 PCs.