CityLane, the mobile app for your city!

oleh KwypeSoft

CityLane is the official mobile application of your city hall available on Android, iOS and Web!

CityLane is the official mobile application of your city hall available on Android, iOS and Web! Turn your city into a digital city and offer a simple connected experience to your citizens. The mobile application can easily be configured from its back office and offers an intuitive and modern design that differentiates from its competition. Many features are available for a very competitive price! Articles/News Publish articles by grouping them into categories that your citizens will be able to consult in real time from the mobile application. The newsfeed displays the latest news from your city at a glance. Agenda / Events Create the agenda and events of your city that your citizens can quickly locate on a map. A citizen is interested in an event ? They can simply add it with one tap in their own calendar! Map Show points of interest of your city such as nurseries, schools, gyms or shops, or temporary points to identify a job area for example. Alerts / Suggestions Involve your citizens in the management of your city. With the alerts or suggestions feature, your citizens can easily report a problem or suggest an idea using a text, photo or video message. Forms / Surveys CityLane allows you to easily create administrative forms or surveys that your citizens can answer directly from their mobile phone. Personnalised application Customize the mobile application with the identity of your city. The simple back office tools also let you configure the features you want to enable / disable in the mobile application for your city. Notifications A risk of thunderstorms or snow in your city? Need to notify an important event? Share easily with your citizens by sending an emergency message as a notification. User Interface The mobile application has been designed to bring real innovation in the access to information by your citizens. It adopts the latest gesture trends, commonly used on most mobile devices. Mood Gather the mood of your citizens on any articles among a large number of pre-defined emotions. Follow the evolution of your citizens well-being in your city. Moods are visible only from the back office tools of the City.