VEGAS Stream

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VEGAS STREAM: Create professional live video with ease

Reach, engage and grow your audience. In an increasingly virtual world there is no better way to connect to your audience than with an online live event. Whether you are using Zoom or YouTube, VEGAS Stream takes your live production from a simple webcam to multiple cameras, video play-ins, dynamic graphics and more. Easily edit your event with either VEGAS Pro or VEGAS POST Suite and re-publish for on-demand viewing. VEGAS Stream works with your favourite apps and streaming services such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Microsoft Stream, Kaltura, Qumu and more. The perfect solution for Business, Education, Content Creators and Live Events.

VEGAS Stream Pro 365 comes with VEGAS Stream and VEGAS Pro
VEGAS Stream POST 365 comes with VEGAS Stream and VEGAS POST Suite


  • VEGAS Stream is an easy-to-use live production studio in a single desktop app    
  • Switch between multiple cameras and video sources with ease
  • Use transitions and dynamic graphics to spice up your production    
  • Include remote presenters from Microsoft Teams or Skype right into your production
  • Integrate social media live chats, comments, posts, tweets and polls directly as dynamic graphics
  • Integrate Microsoft Graph Data such as Teams chats, Teams Surveys and People Finder
  • Works with your favourite conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom    
  • Output directly to streaming services such as YouTube Live, Microsoft Stream and others
  • Additional outputs via RTMP, NDI, HDMI and virtual webcam (for use in 3rd party apps)
  • Edit and perfect your production with VEGAS Pro or VEGAS POST Suite and upload to your favourite destinations


This application and the offer are available in English.