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Mentionlytics is a Web & Social Media Monitoring platform for Intelligent Brand Management

With Mentionlytics you can automatically track mentions to your brand and products, to your competitors or industry in general and successfully manage your brand’s online reputation. One step ahead from anyone, with our “Social Intelligence Advisor” (SIA), an AI service capable to derive actionable insights from social data, you can get simple suggestions for personalized brand management! SIA doesn’t just gather data. SIA analyzes your mentions to uncover the knowledge behind this vast amount of information and automatically provides the optimal suggestion for your brand. With SIA you can get smarter insights and personalized advice to help you improve your web and social presence, crossing the bridge “from data to insights” Discover how this new and unique feature can save you time and effort, making your monitoring life easier. Mentionlytics is the ideal Web & Social Media Monitoring Platform for Intelligent Brand Management: - Startups and small businesses, to find marketing leads to grow your business and discover everything about your Industry. - Medium to Large-size enterprises, to discover real customer & press feedback, prevent crises and monitor your competitors. - Public figures, artists & politicians, to find out what the press & your fans (or foes) are saying about you! Marketing & Public Relations Agencies, for a complete monitoring platform for your clients, upgrading your services with data & reports.