oleh MESA

A new way of working for the «finance» team: collaborative, proactive, comfortable.

Management Control needs new solutions, analysis models, process logics and special tools in order to obtain the specific and quick support. Analitica is the solution to manage complexity, to optimize closing and planning processes and to reduce reporting times.

Our technology allows you to modify the information system integrated data through simple but safe and structured Excel interfaces, in addition it makes users’ collaboration social by phasing out the use of e-mails through automated workflows which are integrated into the organizational structure.

Analitica allows you to manage workflow processes with an authorization model operating both on a single-feature level and on the company level. Analitica also allows you to manage authorizations in an international context and in a distributed system.

Natively integrated into Microsoft Power BI, it allows even business users to quickly create navigable and dynamic dashboards.

Analitica meets any type of need; it can be adapted to the client’s demand with pinpoint accuracy or be purchased with already preset solutions.

  • Budget & Forecast: The Budget and Forecast module of Analitica enables you to create dynamic and forecasting models in a unique ambient thanks to the engine for managing collaborative and structured processes.
  • Financial Planning: The Financial Planning module of Analitica allows gathering all the data within one single spreadsheet, both with final data from the company’s transactional systems and from the budget projection data.
  • Fast closing: Analitica allows you to control the Fast Closing process by making it more efficient, to close the accounting cycles and the company books faster while maintaining the integrity of the data and the account balance.
  • Consolidated finacial statement: Analitica allows you to create multidimensional Company and Statutory Consolidated Financial Statements which can be queried in real time, with the possibility to query by single companies and by consolidation entries.
  • Smart Disclosure: Thanks to the innovative smart documents technology, Analitica allows to collaborate, share and reuse your information without losing time, providing you a complete control over your data by connecting directly to your company’s internal data sources.
  • IFRS Transition: This module allows you to manage the transition to the IFRS 16 / ASC 842 standard and to other standards (9, 15, 17), rapidly adapting to new standards. Data management, calculations, reporting and disclosure, always in compliance with IFRS principles. Everything integrated into the consolidated modules or into the systems operating within the compan