Atlas SaaS Offer

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ATLAS is an innovative and collaborative web-based digital twin powered by automation and AI.

ATLAS by Enable My Team is a collaborative web-based digital twin. Leveraging automation and artificial intelligence, ATLAS generates further insights by federating and integrating a vast variety of data sources including, but not limited to, point clouds, 3D models, GIS, imagery, videos, databases and documents.

Enable My Team (EMT) believes that projects deserve to break free from vendor lock-in and data silos. Our web-based platform, ATLAS, is built on industry standards and interoperates with all formats. Leverage our friendly APIs and unlock value from your data.

Key Features:

Data Federation

ATLAS is a Common Data Environment which can consume and integration vast types of data, including but not limited to:

  • LiDAR Point Clouds
  • IoT sensors
  • Aerial
  • GIS
  • Databases
  • Imagery
  • Videos
  • 3D Models

Point Cloud Management

ATLAS offers an innovative solution for managing point clouds, which are typically large and challenging to handle. Unlimited point cloud data can be uploaded, visualised and managed via a standard web browser:
  • Supports all point cloud file types
  • Section and share point clouds
  • Automated asset recognition & segmentation

AI Feature Extraction

ATLAS utilises state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically recognise, segment and cluster assets from point cloud scans. Our AI models have been trained on numerous asset classes - for example in Rail, we can detect signals, platforms, rails, bridges, vegetation and more.
Our AI models also run on other data sets such Forward Facing Video (FFV). As well as recognising assets, we also use optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract text content such as signal ID plates.

Asset Information Management

Underpinning ATLAS is a fully fledged Asset Information Management System (AIMS). By federating all data in one platform, and relating all data back to a unique identifier, we can create a golden thread connecting the same asset between all data sources, removing silos.

Video Point Clouds - Photogrammetry

ATLAS can automatically convert imagery or video feeds into 3D point clouds. These clouds provide enhanced analysis such as geo-positioning of assets or basic measurements for safe working zones.

Reviews & Collaboration

ATLAS enables stakeholders to review and comment on models and point clouds with our built-in workflow, allowing for a truly collaborative environment:
  • Leave comments pinned directly to elements within the scene
  • Real time, web-based collaborative platform
  • Controllable permissions and groups
  • Supply Chain access for collaborative reviews
  • Save and share viewpoints via email hyperlink

Model Tagging

Manage your asset information directly within ATLAS and write back to your native 3D model files:
  • Create a golden thread of information
  • Support for native BIM formats
  • EDMS Integration & bi-directional syncing
  • Write back attribute information into Autodesk Revit, Civils3D, Bentley Microstation, IFC and more

3D Model to Point Cloud Comparison

Automatically compare point clouds to 3D models and highlight which elements are:
  • Missing
  • Extra
  • Matching
  • Shifted
Results can be visualised in the platform or exported to a BCF report.

Design Validation

Automatically validate your 3D design models against requirements and regulations to highlight any discrepancies. ATLAS has a configurable schema which is used to automatically compare the model to the pre-approved criteria:
  • Level of Information (LOI)
  • Level of Geometry (LOG)
  • Regulations Check
Results can be visualised in the platform or exported to a BCF report.

Integrations & Open API

All data within our platform is accessible via our open REST API. We also support a large variety of data sets to federate disparate data into one place:
  • Use in reporting tools such as PowerBI
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Link to existing workflows & processes