MoData -Sales Analytics For Microsoft Dynamics

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Integrated Sales Forecasting, Pipeline History Tracking, Activity Tracking & Sales Reporting

Combine all of your sales & marketing data across Dynamics CRM, marketing, sales prospecting & customer success systems

  • 100s of ready to use Sales Reports
  • History Tracking
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Funnel Progression Monitoring
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Deal Scoring & Predictions
  • Activity Tracking
  • Deal Prioritization.
Accurate, up to the minute, shared and centralized insights for sales reps, sales managers, sales operations, & sales executives.

Sales Pipeline & Funnel Progression History

  • Capture every change in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM based sales pipeline.
  • Recreate your pipeline "as-of" last day, month, week, quarter or year and compare side by side to identify trends and anomalies.
  • Analyze flow of opportunities through sales funnel to identify bottlenecks based on historical data capture.

Sales Forecasting

  • Out-of-box sales forecasting with AI-based deal scoring.
  • Map your existing lead and opportunity stages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to customizable sales forecasting categories.
  • Get an accurate view of your quarter. Let funnel movement and rep-activity identify at-risk deals.
  • Prioritize deals to based on historical Microsoft Dynamics CRM data to maximize revenue attainment.

Activity Tracking

  • Automated CRM (task, call & notes etc) as well as Email / Calendar ( inbound / outbound messages) activity capture
  • Automatically map activities to your existing contact, lead and opportunities in Dynamics CRM..
  • Accelerate Account Based Sales campaigns by tabulating activities by target accounts & identifying target accounts with low engagements
  • Qualitative engagement score for target accounts based on NLP powered email text analysis, meeting attendance rate and "reply-rate" cadence

Use Cases

  • Provides integrated analytic and reporting capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM data in combination with lead nurturing data from other systems like Marketo / Dynamics & Email / Calendar data from office 365/ Gmail.
  • Adds ability to track all changes to Dynamics 365 CRM data and enables pipeline & lead history inspection, allowing sales teams to compare changes to pipeline and lead statuses between any two time periods
  • Adds sales forecasting capabilities to Dynamics 365 CRM, enabling AI based deal scoring and quota attainment predictions.
  • Adds automated activity capture & NLP based qualitative engagement scoring for target accounts to empower account based sales initiatives