Minerva Patient Engagement Suite (Mobile Apps and Web Portal) for unified patient view

MphRx is a healthcare technology company focused on building highly interoperable technology platforms and solutions that improve patient engagement and care coordination. The company has presence in several markets including US, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and Middle-East. MphRx is headquartered in New York with R&D centre in India.

MphRx’s flagship platform - Minerva - is currently deployed at some of the largest health systems globally. MphRx has deployed the Minerva platform across over 20 countries. The platform currently manages over 300M patient records. The platform’s applications are used by over 1.5M patients and 350k clinical users. 

The Minerva platform enables providing your consumers with holistic care across multiple delivery channels – on-site, telemedicine and on-demand with a single digital platform.