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NewCOS is a communication managed solution for Enterprise in Microsoft Teams

NewCOS for Microsoft Teams allows you to manage you communication assets. Do you want to spend less time provisioning and operating your Microsoft 365 users? Let NewCOS AI and RPA solutions optimize your company’s Unified Communication Management.

FEATURES: Licensing Reports, Usage Microsoft Teams Reports, QoS assurance.

YOUR CHALLENGE Reduce costs, Reduce PBX costs and simplify proprietary communications solutions, Country licenses distribution and usage Service Quality Control and monitoring the QoS of network components to assure Microsoft Teams Service Quality.

HOW WE DO IT Newtech along with RPA interacts autonomously with the Microsoft Teams and network infrastructure, Active Directory, HR systems, and Microsoft 365 services to provision, operate and control the users and usage of those services without human intervention. This allows for increased productivity and costs savings when implementing and operating a next-generation communications platform.

SERVICE CATALOG NewCOS provides proactive monitoring in the behavior of infrastructure and communications for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 Automation of users licensing, control and usage. Microsoft Teams High level of security for users and shared content, and record of all activities carried out.

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