HakoBio - Your bioproduction facility digital twin

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Create and simulate your bioprocess digital twin and leverage it across the facility lifecycle.

At the time of a new industrial revolution, we are convinced that if factories must become smart and connected, the men and women remain the beating heart of production activities. In order to achieve this transformation for all and by all, it is necessary to rethink human-machine-data interactions.

By leveraging intuitive 3D digital twin technologies, we empower biopharmaceutical teams to easily access data and optimize bioproduction processes from facility design and simulation, to operators’ learning experiences and asset management.

Digital twins are at the heart of digital transformation, as they bridge the gap between humans and information. By simplifying collaboration, access to information and their contextualization, they empower the workforce to drastically reduce time, accelerate learning and increase productivity.

To facilitate the adoption and democratization of digital twins, we created HakoBio, an intuitive 3D interface allowing you to easily create and exploit your factory’s digital twin. Using a product database of more than 2000 pieces of equipment of various references, you can simulate your production process throughout your entire factory lifecycle:

  • Visual Process Design & Simulation
    Avoid costly construction errors, speed up the decision-making process and optimize your bioproduction ergonomics by planning and simulating your process flows and configurations.
  • Immersive Learning & Augmented Instructions
    Anticipate operators’ entry in production areas and reduce errors by immersing them in customized learning experiences in virtual reality and augmenting them with on-the-go information in mixed reality.
  • Interactive Asset Management
    Simplify access to data and empower operators with real-time data on the process by centralizing information and generating real-time insights through a single intuitive visual interface.