ThingWorx Digital Performance Management IoT SaaS

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What could you do with more production time? Drive revenue? Reduce costs?

PTC's ThingWorx Digital Performance Management (DPM) delivers the insights you need to make digital transformation possible. It provides focused, real-time, closed-loop problem-solving capabilities that empower your team with timely insights about bottlenecks, root causes, and the improvements that your initiatives deliver. DPM empowers you with an out-of-the-box solution that accelerates your journey to digital transformation at scale. Since it leverages Microsoft Azure, it features the highest levels of security, availability, and flexibility.

DPM leverages IoT data to help identify and prioritize operational and equipment issues in any type of manufacturing, from low volume to high volume, from process to discrete. With DPM, your team can understand how much production time is lost as a result of bottlenecks and issues. Standardizing the impact of issues to a unit of time enables teams to prioritize the issues that are costing the business the most time (and time is money). This prioritization sets manufacturers on a continuous improvement journey that accelerates digital transformation at scale.

What can you do with your insights from DPM? PTC and Azure offer robust tools for acting on your insights so you can:

    • Improve efficiency by up to 20% through identifying labor and asset bottlenecks
    • Increase revenue by up to 30% with improved throughput
    • Decrease operating expenses by up to 20% with enhanced workforce productivity
    • Improve service levels that can result in up to 70% reduction in changeover time

The ultimate question to ask is, "how could more production time help improve your business?"

Click the blue 'Contact Me' button above to talk to one of our experts. ThingWorx DPM is available for Azure Marketplace transaction through PTC's Digital Thread Bundle. You can also find us on AppSource.

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