Item traceability and serialization for oil & gas

oleh Verofax Limited

Screen Suppliers, Validate Procurement and Upgrade Staff Capabilities

Verofax helps businesses increase efficiency, reduce OPEX and achieve ZERO fraud.   It’s a one-stop solution that helps you mitigate output risks with secure procurement and effective field operations.

Verofax solution on Azure Cloud aids in preventing procurement fraud, optimizing inventory, achieving preventive maintenance, upgrading staff capabilities, and upholding data security.  

Our promise

  • Zero serialization and traceability fraud
  • Reduced operating expense by up to 15% 
  • Training and compliance boost in efficiency by up to 30%
  • Our packages are modular to meet your objectives.

Upgrade staff capabilities: Increase staff productivity with in-field training and leverage a personalized user interface

Increase Operational Intelligence: Drive data-based operations with advanced equipment serialization and interactions

Upgrade Preventive Maintenance: Effectively share equipment maintenance logs across contractors and project managers.

Validate Procurement: Manage operations with real-time audits and achieve compliance through validated certificates and authenticity audits.

Verofax integrates to Microsoft Dynamics with ease & speed for improved productivity


Build unfair advantage with

  • Affordable SaaS plans
  • Fast deployment
  • Customizable user interface
  • Granular inventory management
  • Blockchain enterprise security
  • GDPR compliance

Hyperledger Fabric for Blockchain

Built on a modular architecture, Hyperledger Fabric facilitates secure transactions, network scalability, and optimized performance.

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Transaction validation
  • Faster execution
  • Database services
  • Plug-and-play component integration

Free Plan Available

Verofax offers a free plan for businesses that are just getting started and users who wish to take Verofax for a spin to see if it’s best suited for their needs. Our free plan facilitates users with:

  • 20 SKUs
  • 10,000 QR Codes
  • 50MB Storage
  • Unique Product Page
  • Data Services