Object Tracking System


The system of recognition and fixation of objects and interaction events.

This application is available only in the Russian language.

Analyzing and recognizing recurring events automates business processes inside your enterprise. The system automatically records the actions of employees, which allows simplifying the work of a person when performing frequently repeated operations.

With our system you will get the following features:

  • to monitor the discipline of employees: accounting for work time and downtime;
  • to fix the presence of unauthorized persons, possible criminals or fraudsters in the trading floor;
  • to identify new and repeated customers and on the basis of this to form an individual loyalty system, allowing to increase sales;
  • to analyze the emotions of people during consultations or the purchase of goods;
  • recognize the actions of buyers with the goods, conduct an analysis of "abandoned goods" to identify the reasons for refusing purchases;
  • monitor and analyze the actions of cashiers and buyers with goods at the box office;
  • counting objects on the conveyor, identifying defective parts;
  • recognize goods at the checkout to speed up the customer service process and increase sales.