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Workforce & Business Intelligence Platform

RepsMate is a Workforce & Business Intelligence platform that can be used by Call Center departments such as Telesales and Customer Support, to automatically monitor and evaluate 100% of interactions.

Our mission is to streamline the interaction between representatives and customers, in order to increase performance, satisfaction, and reduce the overall operational costs.

Most vulnerable are industries with high levels of competition and easy switching - the likelihood of consumers stopping buying is much higher if they have a negative experience in industries such as: telecommunication, banking, healthcare, energy, or online - retailers.

Traditional Quality Management Strategy - For more than 40 years, contact center quality assurance (QA) has been a foundational part of enhancing agent performance, ensuring compliance, and improving the customer experience.

QA procedures in contact centers suffer from inefficiencies across entire organizations:

  • Low Coverage Volume - Only 3-5% of interactions are actually analyzed. As a result, 5-10 interactions are typically quality checked per agent per month. It begs the question, what if you happen to QA a top agent’s two worst calls of the month?
  • Manual Processes - In most cases, the QA process is entirely manual, meaning, analysts use multiple systems and spreadsheets just to quality check a single interaction.
  • Subjective Scoring - Analysis is subjective - it’s up to each evaluator, that scores interactions differently. Scoring isn’t scientific and data-driven.
  • Quantity of Agent Feedback - With a subset of the total insights, training teams cannot effectively tailor coaching programs relevant to individual agents. As a result, they’re compelled to train entire teams on general topics.
  • Quality of Agent Feedback - Performance standards aren’t clear. How can teams effectively improve performance if they can’t make data-driven decisions.

RepsMate main benefits:
  • Saves up to 80% of quality and compliance monitoring-related costs
  • It helps managers to:
    • deliver high-quality feedback
    • eliminated 100% of random evaluation
    • evaluate 9x faster
    • identify representatives' improving opportunities
  • It standardizes the QA process across the whole workforce
  • Identifies customer's needs and preferences to assist business decisions
  • Customizable reports and insights based on your needs