Saviant Energy Analytics Platform (SEAP)

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Use your existing systems & data to Predict Outcomes & Prevent Failures of your Assets & Operations

Small & Medium size Utilities (across Water, Electricity & Gas), can now get real-time & future insights into their asset health, distribution & consumption patterns, predictive health monitoring, and preventive maintenance.

Predict Future events & Outcomes, from your existing data

Use your existing data such as Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Meter Data Management (MDM), Customer Information System (CIS) or Billing data, to monitor & predict future demand, consumption patterns, detect anomalies and take informed decisions proactively. SEAP is a scalable solution that can handle data from 50 Mn+ devices, while enabling data collection interval of less than a minute.

Prevent revenue-sapping energy losses and outages

Determine immediate causes for energy losses and outage patterns to take preventive measures & corrective actions. Get predictive insights from your data for future energy consumption, leakage detection, predictive maintenance, meter health, etc.

Encourage energy conservation initiatives & promote consumer awareness

Provide usage insights to your consumers, notify them on their abnormal consumption patterns with timely alerts and create budgeting/incentive programs for Energy conservation.