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Create interactive and dynamic virtual training simulations and let your staff learn by doing

The unique end-to-end no-code solution of the digital learning industry, fully compatible with all Learning Management Systems, VTS Editor empowers training designers.
In total autonomy, you can easily create interactive and dynamic virtual training simulations, 5 times faster and cheaper than existing solutions on the market, and with no need for graphical or technical skills!


Those innovative contents are not only fun and engaging, but can also be interfaced with other technologies and accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, including VR.

Learners use customized scenarios that simulate real world situations, and provide them feedback, so they can improve the next time. Practice makes perfect!

This approach has already been proven to drastically increase skill acquisition and return on training investments.


Create realistic training simulations

VTS Editor is an authoring software that lets you create real world situations, serious games, e-learning modules, video learning contents. 

Build a scenario with one or more scenes composed of a background and one or more virtual characters.

Simply create scenarios with an intuitive graphical editing mode, based on block settings (MCQ, Q&A, images, virtual characters, scoring and statistics…).


Choose from a large range of virtual 3D characters and sceneries

Integrate the virtual character and scenery of your choice among dozens of 3D animated characters and backgrounds.

Select facial expressions that best suit the situation from 5 types (happiness, anger, sadness, fear and indecision) with multiple intensity levels. Your e-learning modules will then be more engaging, and learners will develop their skills efficiently.

A wide catalog is available in the standard version, and you will find more in the VTS Store.


Give your modules a true audio identity

Vocalization and lip-sync is done automatically according to voices that you can easily import or automatically generate from our catalog of qualitative synthetic voices (more than 34 languages are available thanks to our partners Acapela, Readspeaker and Google Cloud).

Use clickable zones to improve interactivity and engagement

Add animations and interactive elements to any part of your environment using clickable zones that give you a new toolbox of game challenges to present to your trainees. Challenges such as detecting abnormalities in a scene, customised quizzes and navigation menus are now easy to create.