oleh UnboxRobotics Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Unbox Robotics offers a patented & unique Vertical Package Sortation System - UnboxSort

Unbox Robotics has developed a first-of-its-kind Vertical Sortation System known as UnboxSort. The system provides enterprises with an end-to-end solution that comprises a fleet of mobile robots that sort the parcels in a vertical space, a fleet management system powered by proprietary Swarm Intelligence algorithms, and vertically spaced transportation units on modular Smart Racks (sort stands).
  • Reliable Comprehensive Solution: Unbox Robotics provides a holistic solution that consists of installation, training, 24*7 support, and upkeep of AMRs.

  • Improved Productivity: Unbox Robotics relies on the most technologically advanced AMRs with a sorting accuracy of 99.99%. It also further enhances the productivity of human resources in a warehouse facility by 3X.

  • Space Efficient systems: Unbox Robotics solutions help improve space efficiency by 50–70% through modular 3D sorting robots.

  • Scalability of AMRs: Unbox Robotics can be scaled from 2,000 to 20,000 PPH (Packages Per Hour) on demand.

  • Fast installation: The Unbox Robotics solutions can be deployed in less than two weeks.

Robot as a Service Model (RaaS): Unbox Robotics provides enterprises with flexible payment options that can be scaled up or down using a unique pay-per-use method depending on company needs.