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Quamtra: An IoT Waste Management Solution

Microsoft profile:

Quamtra is an intelligent waste collection system developed by Wellness TechGroup.

Value proposition:

The solution monitors the fill level of the waste containers and transforms real time data into information which allows for waste collectors to optimize routes and reduce costs associated with the collection of waste and recycling.

The solution can be applied in both urban and rural environments. Quamtra provides a way to:

  • avoid container overflows
  • optimize efficiency in collection and reduce associated operational costs
  • increasing cleanliness and overall perception of the environment
  • avoid unnecessary pick ups
  • reduce emissions, increase environmental awareness and compliance
  • detect acts of vandalism, floods or fires and reduce the response time, damage and liability associated
  • adjust collection for seasonal trends or during events
  • reduce traffic congestion


The technological solution is composed of a hardware device (ultrasonic sensor) that is installed in the waste containers and a software platform for data management, visualization, reporting and alerting.

  • The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance between the waste in a bin and the device itself. The device is optimally placed in the internal upper region of the container to obtain the most accurate and complete reading. In addition to this volumetric measurement, the Quamtra sensor has an accelerometer and a temperature sensor incorporated into the HW. Quamtra device is a versatile measuring sensor that is compatible with multiple connectivity scenarios and most containers on the market
  • The data collected is transferred wirelessly to the software platform where it can be analyzed.
  • The data reported from the sensors is stored on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Business Audience:

  • Waste and recycling collection managers for private, public and non-profit entities
  • Managers looking to audit the work of their current service provider


Target Industry:

  • Private waste and recycling collection companies
  • Public entities (cities and public entities)
  • Private enterprise with infrastructure similar to a city (campuses and business parks, theme parks, developments, etc).
  • Commercial entities responsible for private waste or recycling collection
  • ONGs and organizations that promote reduce, recycle and reuse programs.