Wipro Sustainable Software Defined Infrastructure Offer

oleh Wipro Ltd

An initiative mapped to decarbonize the corporate and commercial real-estate

About this offer:

Sustainable infrastructure is now becoming a necessity in modern infrastructure development. In the real estate industry sector, it has become vital to use innovative solutions to make all aspects of construction development, such as design, choice of materials, construction & operational practices, more sustainable. Wipro plans to offer a Sustainable software defined infrastructure (SSDI) platform to decarbonize the corporate and commercial real estate buildings and helps in achieving their carbon-neutral/net-zero journeys.

Sustainable Software-Defined infrastructure (SSDI) is a joint initiative between Bentley, Mapped, Microsoft & Wipro which provides a cognitive platform to track, analyse, optimize, and lay the foundation for next-generation infra-as-a-service. The solution is aimed at modernizing the tech stack for buildings at portfolio scale which will help companies achieving their Carbon reduction/Net-Zero targets by delivering energy efficiency and sustainability, regulatory compliance, and space optimization solutions to their customers.

Wipro, Bentley and Mapped brings unique set of complimenting capabilities to unlock innovation at scale and fast track customer value delivery. Mapped data infrastructure will create a unified data fabric, Bentley’s iTwin platform and their suite of solutions will create automated regulatory reporting. Wipro will lead customer engagement to develop smart applications and deployment.

Key features:

  • Monitor data generated from Operations (HVAC, Lighting, Access Control) & organize them into easily consumable APIs
  • Manage Engineering data (BIM, 3D CAD) and organize them into easily consumable APIs
  • Real estate Energy Simulation
  • Closed loop maintenance can be hooked into (EAM portfolio e.g. Maximo), Workspace management (e.g.TRIRIGA)
  • Renewable infra micro grid between the real estates
  • Unification and Visualization of Operational and Engineering data
  • Neutralize cyber-security risks with advanced security controls
  • Predictive Maintenance of equipment
  • Smart applications for real estate emission management, Energy & Water conservation and waste management
  • Real estate Performance Cockpit
  • Automated Environmental reporting & certifications