CORD - The backbone of your solution

A platform for integrating and combining external and internal systems in a smart and flexible way to create new data driven propositions. 

All data-driven propositions have their own challenges. But a lot of these propositions share the same issues: the data is all around, there are multiple versions of 'the truth', and for every proposition knowledge is needed about all sorts of generic services in the market. CORD is a complete data-integration solution focused on the execution-only or omni-channel servicing of your customers. The platform connects end-users and external/internal systems in orientation and maintenance processes. CORD already has generic integrations with several widely-used market solutions, such as calculation engines and data sources, making straight-through information processing possible. By integrating CORD with your own front-end, you can easily retrieve data from the entire finance domain. The time-to-market for your proposition, such as an execution-only mortgage application solution, will be decreased tremendously. You decide where the client- and advisory data is being stored and which systems you want to use for calculations and/or advising your clients. CORD takes care of the distribution of this data and calculations to the right place.