Glympse Curbside Pickup

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Glympse makes tracking, communicating with, and servicing Curbside Pickup customers simple and safe.

Built for Dynamics 365 Commerce, this Glympse connector provides customer-supplied arrival data, along with low-touch communications that facilitate a seamless curbside pickup process. Send your customers alerts on their channel of choice when their order is ready. Customers can then share their ETA or arrival status with a click of a button, giving retail associates actionable information, allowing them to efficiently manage orders and customer arrivals. Customers can also navigate directly to curbside pickup points.

Two-way messaging allows retailers to connect with customers having difficulty finding the store location. Our platform is easy to implement and learn, meaning your staff can experience the benefits of an efficient customer communication tool right away.

In-store visibility is provided via an off-the-shelf mobile app (iOS/Android), a web-based Kiosk, and the ability to send alerts to existing applications/POS using webhooks.

With powerful and real-time data and metrics access, retailers can quickly fine-tune their curbside operations based on event data and customer feedback.

Benefits for your operations:

Leveraging Dynamics 365 Commerce, the Glympse connector provides accurate and multi-channel visibility and data so that associates know exactly when customers are on their way or at the store.

Proven benefits include:

  • reduces calls into the store by up to 20%
  • reduces wait times by up to 50%
  • improves customer satisfaction

Our in-store apps give retail associates:

  • a holistic view of future and incoming orders
  • a view of who is assigned to those orders
  • customer status and ETA
  • ability to chat directly with customers

Benefits to your customers:

Glympse for curbside pickup:

  • dramatically reduces their wait-time when compared to the traditional park and call process
  • creates a memorable and positive experience
  • provides a feature to launch into their favorite navigation app with the destination provided automatically

Additionally we offer an SDK integration into your customer-facing app and is available as a phase 2 implementation. This gives access to live location data, operational geofencing, and automatic customer arrival detection. Contact us for more information.

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