RSM Advanced Trade Promotion Management Solution

di RSM Product Sales LLC

Advanced Trade Promotions Management helps, plan, execute, control and analyze trade spend.

RSM’s advanced Trade Promotions Management (TPM) solution enhances the features of the Trade Allowance Management module within Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is an incredibly powerful tool that was specifically designed for manufacturers to address the serious business problems related to trade spending.  With TPM, organizations not only reap the benefits of core Dynamics 365 functionality, they are empowered with enhanced capabilities such as indirect bill backs, enhanced fund management, and key data analytics that link promotions management to demand forecasting. 

TPM provides complete visibility and control for manufactures to handle everything from analysis, funding and planning, to execution and claim processing.  Additionally, TPM completely integrates pricing, order processing and financials throughout the enterprise.

Features of Advanced Trade Promotions Management:

      • Indirect Bill Backs - Effectively create and maintain promotions at the distributor level that are linked to end customers within Dynamics 365.
      • Indirect Bill Back Workbench - TPM allows for the importing of data (proof of performance) into a comprehensive workbench where claims are reviewed and authorized.
      • Deduction Workbench -  Displays additional information for sales orders to help streamline the reconciliation process.
      • Bill Back Workbench Improvements -  Allows users to process accruals within the bill back workbench itself for a more streamlined business practice.
      • Fund Management Enhancements - Ability to copy approved funds, create them at the customer hierarchy level, and produce a systematic allocation of budget dollars.
      • Retroactive Rebate Functionality - Set promotions as ‘retroactive’ and in turn trigger the system to calculate and generate claims based upon quantity levels achieved during the promotion period.
      • Dynamic Customer and Product Promotion Insertion – Easily adjust in-flight promotions with additional customers or products.
      • Promotion Forecasting - Review key pricing and margin data for a given customer or item relationship.  Powerful functionality interfaces seamlessly between modules and allows for clear visibility of base and lift quantities related to specific promotions.
      • Additional Reports - Automated reports assist with bill back reconciliation, deduction management, and visibility to customers and items that are being promoted.
      • Trade Promotion Dashboard -  Trade spending breakdowns allowing users to dig deeper into sales and trade spend program effectiveness. 

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