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Single Source of Truth for All Your Projects Portfolio (On your Own Microsoft 365 Tenant)

pmo365 is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution built on Microsoft Power Platform.  The entire solution is hosted on your Microsoft 365 tenancy – (Alternatively we can create a dedicated tenancy for your pmo365).

pmo365 represents our unique approach of:

  • Provisioning you with a fully-functioning, best-practice and ready-to-use pmo365 package designed to fix your business problems quickly, and immediately provide visibility and control over project portfolios.  For example, you will have project portfolio status reports that are accurate, complete and real time.
  • Providing you with management services that recognise that organisations are in constant flux with ongoing changes in people, process and technology and the tools employed need continual shaping and refinement.  These services make us accountable for ensuring pmo365 is always fit-for-purpose - relevant, adopted, and essential.  For example, your changing data flows from existing and new data nodes or applications are monitored and always integrated.
  • Offering pmo365 in its entirety for a fixed monthly fee with zero up-front cost.  pmo365 is supplied on month-on-month terms with no lock-in terms or minimum period.
  • Allowing you to turn off the monthly service at any time.  You then keep your pmo365 system, with us providing a simple break / fix support arrangement, if required.

pmo365 will give you the tools to address your key program, portfolio and project management requirements, all within a single solution.  pmo365 manages initiatives from ideation through to benefits realisation.  pmo365 is the optimal way to digitise project portfolio management within your organisation.  It removes the administrative overhead of collecting data and provides invaluable insights: it becomes your centralised, single source of truth. pmo365 will enable you to gain:

  • Visibility on real-time and accurate project portfolio information by consolidating all data sources, into a single source of truth.
  • Consistency in the way in which projects are delivered 
  • Insights on the demand on resources 
  • Ability to prioritise and sequence initiatives, based on their alignment to your strategy

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