FLS VISITOUR Field Service Scheduling and Route Optimization


Real-time dynamic scheduling for field service and workforce management

FLS is a leading European developer of real-time field force and logistics scheduling solutions. The FLS VISITOUR solution for Dynamics 365 (D365) extends beyond the limitations of Microsoft Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO); for high volumes of work or field resources, dynamic in-day response, and/or complex requirements.

Superior technology leads to greater efficiency and utilization with up to 20% cost reduction compared to RSO and other field service scheduling solutions. FLS VISITOUR has been chosen to replace ClickSoftware, IFS and Oracle scheduling solutions.

This is a cost-based optimizer that is intuitive for dispatch teams to understand the results and have confidence in the routing. Precision accuracy is achieved with traffic-based actual driving speeds and the option of self-learning artificial intelligence for job durations. Customers can be guided to the most cost effective appointments based on real-time global optimisation. Continuous in-day optimization ensures productivity gains whilst improving on-time service delivery.

The FLS solution is deployed across multiple industries including facilities and property maintenance, HVAC, manufacturing and equipment, inspection and testing, utilities and metering, insurance and surveyors, healthcare, last mile retail logistics, and used by several Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners globally to build their final solution for clients.

FLS VISITOUR integrates with either Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

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