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MazikCare MEDIC

Mazik Global Inc.

An Interoperability Accelerator to exchange healthcare data with EMR applications

MEDIC by Mazik, provides data interoperability for Dynamics 365 with major EMR applications, allowing healthcare providers to synchronize relevant clinical and financial data between the platforms. MEDIC is part of MazikCare, a set of healthcare business solutions to support both the care continuum and end-to-end business operations in a user-friendly way. MEDIC is compliant with and based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Specification, which is a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. The MEDIC interoperability accelerator helps healthcare organizations benefit from the power of Dynamics 365 by making clinical and financial data actionable in no time, significantly reducing EMR integration efforts while also lowering the cost of interoperability management.

With MEDIC, you can:
  • Pull patient and appointment data from EMR/EHR to CRM
  • Eliminate need to reenter or manually duplicate data
  • Eliminate data migration and transformation efforts as information transfer happens in real time and systems run in parallel
  • Run work flows in CRM using EMR data that is fully secured and HIPPA and FIHR compliant
  • Allow users from different hospitals within a single system to share data through CRM that they are unable to access through EMR protocols.