Medallia for Microsoft Dynamics 365

di Medallia, Inc.

Medallia for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bring voice of the customer to your CRM.

Medallia helps the world’s best-loved brands deliver great customer experiences. Connect Dynamics365 to the Medallia Experience Cloud and deliver insights to your Sales and Service teams that show them where to focus for improving account relationships.

What's Included:
  • Event driven feedback management: use prebuilt flows in Power Automate to automatically trigger experience feedback invitations
  • Voice of Customer in Dynamics: store Medallia Customer Experience insights in Dynamics with prebuilt feedback object
  • Secure, API-based Connector: Microsoft connector for Medallia makes it easy to establish a secure, API-based connection between the two systems
  • Close the loop: follow up with customers by creating cases, tasks or notifications based on detractor alerts from Medallia.

Benefits of integration:
  • Gain a complete view of customers: enrich CRM data with customer experience insights with bi-directional flow of information, providing contextual access to experience insights so your customer-facing teams have a more accurate understanding of their account relationships. With Medallia's single sign-on support, authorized users are one click away from deeper analytics available in Medallia Experience Cloud.
  • Trigger feedback surveys from Dynamics 365: the Medallia for Dynamics 365 application is a secure API-based solution that accelerates integration time, reduces effort and friction, and allows feedback requests to be initiated across the customer journey- from important moments in a sales cycle (e.g., opportunity closure) to relationship activities and touch points (e.g., onboarding, servicing, business reviews). Use our pre-configured flows or create your own using Power Automate. The application also puts control in your Dynamics 365 user's hands.
  • Streamline workflows to close the loop: feedback results can be used to initiate workflows in Dynamics 365 using rules defined within the Medallia integration application. This allows end-to-end feedback response and remediation process to be handled in the platform your employees work in every day. Accelerate follow up with detractors to show them you value their input, and use customer feedback for collaboration to continually improve relationships.

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