Vonage Contact Center for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Empower great customer experiences by integrating Vonage Contact Center with Dynamics 365.

Vonage and Microsoft provide an optimal agent and customer experience by enabling agents to remain in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app - providing customers with quicker first call resolution and better customer experience.
  • Improve customer experience by leveraging deep integrations that allow you to personalize every customer interaction using the information you already have in your CRM.
  • Improve Agent Experience by gathering information from the customer and then creating/updating records before popping that record right inside of MS Dynamics with a truly embedded experience reducing the time and effort it takes to service a call.
  • Improve CC Manager experience by pulling data from the CRM and presenting that information in real-time dashboard so that you know who is calling and why, all while they are still in the queue.
  • Reduce handle time with automatic call logging ensuring that all interactions are tracked and measured.
  • Leverage all of Vonage’s advanced CC capabilities with AI, SMS, Voice Analytics, Screen Recording, Omni-channel work item routing all from within MS Dynamics.
  • Deliver insight by closing the intelligence gap. Link sales performance to rep activity, validate salespeople’s forecasts, and keep a close eye on pipeline.
  • Completely personalized sales interaction and gain full visibility of the entire sales process.
  • Increased ability to co-operate with Teams users, through built in Teams integration. Providing address book and presence sync across platforms.

Vonage Solution and features

  • Intelligent (dynamic) routing: Use CRM data with routing
  • Omni-Channel Work Item routing: Email to Case routing, task routing
  • Fully PCI compliance solution, for Customer Self-service and agent assistance.
  • AI Self-service automation with the option for agent assist
  • Voice of the Customer with integrated Post-Call Surveys to increase net promoter score (NPS)
  • Sales Cadence support with Microsoft Sales Accelerator
  • Add-ons: SMS customer notifications, Agent Performance Management with Conversation Analyzer (voice analytics) and Screen Recording, Integrated data reporting with Power BI

Please note a VCC subscription is required for this app to function correctly, if you need help getting an account please contact our Sales team at

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