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AQL’s Kudos webpart for your SharePoint intranet to boost user motivation and morale.

Build a positive reinforcement culture and engage your employees through frequent encouragements and motivations. The Kudos webpart is an effective portal for allowing employees from various departments and divisions across the organization to recognize each other through praises, awards, rewards, and by expression of gratitude. AQL’s Kudos webpart for your organizational intranet comes along with exceptional recognition capabilities involving badges and more, as given below:

• Custom awards and badges to celebrate your employees’ achievements.

• Personalized congratulatory mails and messages to your colleagues and employees on their work anniversaries.

• Real time feedback to employees in the form of likes and comments on posts.

Also, get the following features as well:

1. Single click Add New Kudos (+) button followed by dialogue boxes or submission forms.

2. Multiple layout features like cards and feeds to display different kudos.

3. Intelligent search bar to find fellow team members and colleagues receiving kudos.

4. In-built social media plug-ins to allow viewers to like and comment on appreciation posts.

5. Automated notifications through mail in case of any new kudos being added.

6. Options to select different types of kudos.


1. User friendly property pane to configure webpart lists and related permissions.


1. Other option for select type dropdown in the Add Kudos form.

2. Added Support Section in the Property pane.


1. Added new text editor with additional features in the form.


1. Added Manage Type tab in add kudos popup modal.

2. Select default kudos types from the add kudos form.


1. Users can show/hide default kudo types by using the property pane.

Webpart Subscription Details:

Download the AQL Kudos webpart as a free trial version for 30 days. After 30 days, you can purchase the webpart at Also, get 1-year or 2-year support plans at reasonable prices along with the web part.

Note: While your purchased web part has lifetime validity, additional support plans need to be purchased after the end of their subscription period.

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