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Financial Reporting Matrix by Profitbase

Profitbase AS

4.7 (11)

Easily build financial reports with line formatting, conditional formatting, subtotals and more.

The Financial Reporting Matrix custom visual provides calculations and conditional formatting for matrix style reports. It provides a number of features not available in the standard matrix visual, including line formatting, conditional formatting, subtotals, and more. Custom calculated lines and custom format specifications can be defined directly in the data model. Fully integrated with the Power BI developer experience, the visual is configured via the standard fields and formatting pane. Particularly suited for financial reports.


  • Subtotals
  • Line formatting
  • Cross-highlighting / Cross-filtering
  • Multiple column headers / Pivoting
  • Sticky column and row headers
  • Conditional formatting
  • Configure via fields and formatting pane
  • Supports formatting and calculations from the data model
Funzionalità del componente aggiuntivo
Se usato, questo componente aggiuntivo:
  • Può leggere e apportare modifiche nel documento
  • Può inviare dati tramite Internet