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Plotly.js visual by Akvelon combines Plotly.js, react-chart-editor and Power BI together.

Plotly.js visual by Akvelon combines Plotly.js, Chart Studio and Power BI together. It allows users to visualize data using the capabilities of plotly.js and provides a chart editor that helps users to create and customize over 40 types of charts in Power BI. This tool gives users the ability to create several types of visuals, including simple charts such as Scatter charts to a variety of complex charts, such as 3D charts, Finance, and Specialized charts. Two modes of the visual are supported:

  • View mode - renders the current chart with the specified data
  • Edit mode - allows users to create, update, and delete charts

See PlotlyJS Visual by Akvelon documentation


  • Built-in editor that enables users to create and manage charts within Power BI
  • Supports Power BI’s selections and context menu
  • Enables users to reuse existing templates by mapping new data
  • Allows users to combine multiple charts on a single canvas
  • The following types of charts are supported:
    • Line Chart
    • Scatter Plot
    • Bar chart
    • Waterfall Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Donut chart
    • Bubble charts
    • Error Bars chart
    • Box Plots, Horizontal Box Plot, Grouped Box Plot
    • Histograms, Stacked Histograms
    • 2d Density Plots
    • Heatmaps
    • Waterfall charts
    • Indicators
    • Funnel
    • Maps
    • Contour Plots
    • 2d Density Plots
    • Ternary Plots
    • Ribbon Plots
    • 3D Surface Plots
    • 3D Scatter Plot
    • 3D Mesh Plots
    • 3D Line Plots

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