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OneVuex Unified Systems

Bass International Software

Manage Data from Different Applications in One System

The OneVuex Concept – A New Way of Computing. OneVuex is the most advanced software platform ever developed. For the first time ever, true software integration across different applications, platform databases, intranet sites, web browsers and search engines has finally been achieved. OneVuex integrates “the code” (not API’s) of any application, database, intranet site, whether on premise or cloud and run them all as “one” singular “system”. This gives users unprecedented access, manageability, mobility & security through one system.

Overall Benefits of OneVuex: 

  • Users now log into “1” Cloud Portal and are connected to every system they need access to
  • Connect to Databases, Platforms, Azure Services, SQL, Office 365 and many other systems
  • Connect On-Premise systems to OneVuex and extend the security from OneVuex to those systems
  • Use natural language to perform searches
  • Search across different applications & platforms in “1” search
  • Relate data from Office files, email messages & SQL data in a single search
  • Integrated Collaboration across all connected systems
  • Multiple users can work on the same document(s) simultaneously
  • Translate documents in real-time (186 languages)
  • Users no longer have to remember file names or where they’re located
  • Configure OneVuex to adapt to the way you do business not the other way around
  • 5 Integrated Phases of security:  Cloud – Mobility – Email - Device(s) – encrypted communications

What You Get with OneVuex

  • A Choice of Microsoft Office 365 - Business Premium, E3 or E5
  • A Choice of Microsoft 365 for Business or E3
  • OneVuex Digital Interface (Log-In Portal)
  • Complete Security
  • Configuration of OneVuex to fit your business model
  • Installation of OneVuex Unified Systems (Ready to Use)
  • Integration of existing email accounts for all users
  • Choice of (3 web) applications to be integrated into OneVuex
  • Translation Services
  • Integrated Collaboration Services
  • Cellular & Tablet Mobility
  • Subject Management Interface
  • Each user gets their own OneVuex network
  • Central Site to store files for all users to access
  • Download the latest Microsoft Office Applications to your devices
  • Leveled Access Security (per user)
  • Get the latest upgrades of Microsoft Applications (no extra fees)

OneVuex has been designed for Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses. In addition, OneVuex can be specifically configured to fit your specific business model whether it’s Education, Medical, Government, Legal, Finance or Manufacturing.