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Crossware Mail Signature- Email Signatures

Crossware Ltd

Supercharge your email branding for Office 365 with the world leading email signature solution


Looking for a powerful tool that allows you to add consistent and compliant signatures, disclaimers and branding to every email leaving your company?

Our award-winning tool, Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365 is the solution for you.

Sleek, compliant and personalised signatures are automatically added to each email, no matter what device you're sending from.

Crossware Mail Signature seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365.

Creating your perfect signature is easy with a simple drag-and-drop visual editor or get a little more technical and switch to creating your signature in HTML with our source code editor.

Our signature tool is constantly being developed with the goal of ensuring signatures are dynamic and intelligent. This means context sensitive and customised for your company's unique requirements.

You can create and apply rules that control when, where and how your signatures are applied with our simple rule builder. Quickly create rules for the application of signatures or signature blocks (a smaller part of your signature) based on Active Directory fields, recipient addresses, dates and more. If you need a highly custom or complex rule, you can also write rules in C#.

Crossware Mail Signature lets you control of who can edit each signature or signature block, e.g. you can choose to only allow the marketing team to edit the ad banner section, and the legal team to edit the legal disclaimer keeping your signature safe from unsolicited changes.

Crossware Mail Signature is built from the ground up to be highly secure. We don't store or copy your emails and process them securely within Microsoft Azure Datacenters. For added security, you can also specify the Microsoft Datacenter of your choice when setting up Crossware Mail Signature.


  • Add logos, graphics, ad banners, social media icons, Active Directory fields, disclaimers and text to your email headers and footers.
  • Apply your signatures when, where and how you want with powerful rules.
  • Signatures on every device and email client.
  • Control every part of your signature, with separately controlled blocks.
  • Visual / HTML code editor
  • Preview signatures in real time, based on recipients and senders.
  • View signatures within Outlook & see your signatures in Sent Items.
  • Intelligent and dynamic signature application
  • Choose your Microsoft Datacenter to deploy into
  • Edit anywhere, anytime with our browser-based editor

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