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A complete project management system, Gantt's Charts, creating and completing tasks, resources,

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Enovatio Projects - Efficient project management - Creating project plans - Increasing the effectiveness of cooperation - Control and management of resources and employees - Generating reports Enovatio Projects is a complete solution, that enables the creation of timetables, completion of projects on time, within budget and according to specification. The system increases the efficiency of project management and provides systematization thereof. This solution is available through a web browser in multiple languages. Projects Task Management Project tamplates Project monitoring Gantt charts Alerts in projects Resource management Centralized database Granting rights Calendar Recording of working time Reports Possibility of system expansion: Enovatio Burgets, Enovatio Workflow, Enovatio Service, Enovatio CRM and with ERP systems . This application is available in English, German, Polish, Czech, Slovak. The customer version can also be in any other language.